data.bris at CKAN for Research Data Management workshop

Simon Price gave an invited presentation, “data.bris: Use case, role and functionality for CKAN adoption“, to an audience of 50+ representatives from a broad range of the UK’s Higher Education and Cultural Heritage sectors, in London on 18 February 2013. The talk was part of Jisc’s CKAN for Research Data Management in an Academic Setting workshop which was organised by the Jisc Research Data Management programme and the Open Knowledge Foundation. The workshop was led by Joss Winn of Lincoln’s Orbital project as a requirements gathering exercise feeding into an evaluation of CKAN for academic use.

CKAN RDM Requirements document

CKAN RDM Requirements document

An initial presentation by Mark Wainwright of OKF, on CKAN and the forthcoming major new release, was followed by institutional cases studies from Bristol and Lincoln. The workshop then collectively created a list of role-specific requirements which were summarised in a Google Spreadsheet and which will form the basis of a paper being written by Joss. Several experienced CKAN developers from OKF and were amongst the participants and helped to identify gaps between the requirements and current CKAN capabilities. In several cases it transpired that CKAN could already meet some of the requirements or could be made to do so with modest alteration. Other requirements would require the development of new features, extensions or plug-ins by either OKF and the existing CKAN user community or by the emerging UK HE CKAN user community.

As a follow up to the workshop, there is now a CKAN4RDM mailing list for people interested in continuing to discuss the use of CKAN within an academic environment.

Download: slides.

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5 thoughts on “data.bris at CKAN for Research Data Management workshop

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  2. Very interesting, Simon.
    We are not as far advanced in our RDM but are actively looking at options (my colleague, Birgit Plietzsch attending the workshop) – one of which is to use Pure as our public research data catalogue. I’m very interested in how you have or are planning to integrate data.bris with Pure.
    Many thanks

    • Thanks Anna,

      The general design principles we’re proposing for the integration of our Pure RIS and the data.bris Research Data Repository are as follows.

      1. Pure holds the University’s definitive record of research outputs.

      2. data.bris holds the University’s definitive record of research data.

      3. data.bris creates and manages ‘dataset’ records in Pure describing research data deposits held by data.bris that support published research outputs held by Pure. ‘dataset’ records hold descriptive metadata, not the research data itself.

      What constitutes a ‘dataset’ record in Pure is an evolving picture and it will be interesting to see where Pure itself develops in this regard.

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  4. Hello,

    How can I get a copy of the CKAN RDM Requirements document. I tried downloading it from this page but seem to get an error.


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